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The InClover Handicapping Software uses Brisnet past performance data files. If you do not already have an account with Brisnet, you will need to sign up for one for free

Be sure to double-check scratch information here to confirm final entries and scratches for your particular races

InClover Handicapping Race Data


The InClover's extensive information and past performance data.


Race Information



Race #



Race Classification


Claiming Price

Age/Sex Restrictions

Wager Types

Post Times (by region)

Program Number

Post Position

Morn. Line Odds




2f BRIS Pace Par for level

4f BRIS Pace Par for level

BRIS Late Pace Par for level

BRIS Speed Par for class level


Horse History Data


Sire's sire

Sire Stud Fee (current)

Year of Birth

Horse's Foaling Month

Breed Type


Horse's color

Today's Owner


Dam's sire

Owner's Silks


State/Country abrv. where bred


Current Jockey Stats

Today's Jockey

Jockey Sts Current Meet

Jockey Wins Current Meet

Jockey Places Current Meet

Jockey Shows Current Meet

Jockey Sts Current Year

Jockey Wins Current Year

Jockey Places Current Year

Jockey Shows Current Year

Jockey ROI Current Year

Jockey Sts Previous Year

Jockey Wins Previous Year

Jockey Places Previous Year

Jockey Shows Previous Year

Jockey ROI Previous Year


Current Trainer Stats

Today's Trainer

Trainer Sts Current Meet

Trainer Wins Current Meet

Trainer Places Current Meet

Trainer Shows Cureent Meet

Trainer Sts Current Year

Trainer Wins Current Year

Trainer Places Current Year

Trainer Shows Current Year

Trainer ROI Current Year

Trainer Sts Previous Year

Trainer Wins Previous Year

Trainer Places Previous Year

Trainer Shows Previous Year

Trainer ROI Previous Year


Current Horse Stats

Equipment (Blinkers) Change

New: Today's Medication w/1st time Lasix info

Old: Today's Medication w/o 1st time Lasix info


BRIS Run Style designation

BRIS Prime Power Rating

Horse's Lifetime Starts

Horse's Lifetime Wins

Horse's Lifetime Places

Horse's Lifetime Shows

Horse's Lifetime Earnings

Best BRIS Speed: Life

Horse's Current Year Starts

Horse's Current Year Wins

Horse's Current Year Places

Horse's Current Year Shows

Horse's Current Year Earnings

Best BRIS Speed: Most Recent Yr horse ran

Horse's Previous Year Starts

Horse's Previous Year Wins

Horse's Previous Year Places

Horse's Previous Year Shows

Horse's Previous Year Earnings

Best BRIS Speed: 2nd Most Recent Yr horse ran

Horse's Lifetime Starts @ Today's track

Horse's Lifetime Wins @ Today's track

Horse's Lifetime Places @ Today's track

Horse's Lifetime Shows @ Today's track

Horse's Lifetime Earnings @ Today's track

Best BRIS Speed: Today's Track

BRIS Dirt Pedigree Rating

# Starts (FAST Dirt)

# Wins (FAST Dirt)

# Places (FAST Dirt)

# Shows (FAST Dirt)

Earnings (FAST Dirt)

Best BRIS Speed - Fast track

BRIS Mud Pedigree Rating

Horse's Lifetime Wet Starts

Horse's Lifetime Wet Wins

Horse's Lifetime Wet Places

Horse's Lifetime Wet Shows

Horse's Lifetime Wet Earnings

Best BRIS Speed - Off track

BRIS Distance Pedigree Rating

Horse's Lifetime Starts @ Today's Distance

Horse's Lifetime Wins @ Today's Distance

Horse's Lifetime Places @ Today's Distance

Horse's Lifetime Shows @ Today's Distance

Horse's Lifetime Earnings @ Today's Distance

Best BRIS Speed - Distance

BRIS Turf Pedigree Rating

Horse's Lifetime Turf Starts

Horse's Lifetime Turf Wins

Horse's Lifetime Turf Places

Horse's Lifetime Turf Shows

Horse's Lifetime Turf Earnings

Best BRIS Speed - Turf


Horse's Past Performace Data for last 10 races

Race Date

Track Code


Track Condition


Race Classification

# of entrants

Post Position

Start Call Position

1st Call Position

2nd Call Position

Stretch Position

Finish Position

BRIS 2f Pace Fig

BRIS 4f Pace Fig

BRIS Late Pace Fig

BRIS Speed Rating

DRF Speed Rating

DRF Track Variant

Final Time








Horse's Past Performace Data for last 12 workouts

Date of Workout

Track of Workout

Distance of Workout

Track Condition of Workout

Time of Workout

Description of Workout

# of Works that day/distance

"Rank" of the work among other works that day/dist




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