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Brisnet Past Performance data files

The InClover Handicapping Software uses Brisnet past performance data files. If you do not already have an account with Brisnet, you will need to sign up for one for free

Equibase Horse Racing Scratches

Be sure to double-check scratch information here to confirm final entries and scratches for your particular races

Welcome to InClover Handicapping


The truly unique horse racing handicapping software that utilizes exclusive Brisnet® past performance data files. This incredible program was designed and built off a family integrated handicapping system. Our software is extremely user-friendly and gives you the tools for successful and profitable horse racing handicapping.

With the InClover Handicapping software you won't have to spend hours studying or even typing to find top contenders that win, place and show.

Software Features:

Absolutely no manual input of any kind

InClover Handicapping is both “race type” and “race track” specific

Allows you to choose your own personal settings that control how    the program looks at and calculates available data



Rankings are provided for each horse. Outstanding for selecting exotic wagers and detecting none    contenders

● You can also select “Our Picks” an integrated InClover top contender’s selection tool which automatically    handicaps for win, place and show horses

● Provides key comments about each horse to identify different handicapping angles and trainer clues

● You can customize your own Summary Reports with all calculated information, rank numbers, and race    data included, all based on your own handicapping style

● Includes an Indepth Report a complete past performance race card with pedigree, jockey and trainer    statistics and past performance data including up to the last 12 workouts

● Convenient sort function for various comparison logic

● Finds which of the previous pacelines predict the best contenders for a particular race

Includes BRIS Run Style designation and BRIS Prime Power Rating

Complete save, print and view on screen functions for all your custom summary and indepth reports as well    as the "Our Picks" sheet

Excellent for simulcast and on-line account wagering

Fast, In-depth and fully automatic


With InClover Handicapping you can look at races from many different angles based on your own personal selections or simply choose “Our Picks”, an integrated top contender’s pick, all at a click of the mouse.



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